Last updated: 03 May 2017

Do you have trouble remembering usernames and passwords? Well, you can now sign up and log in to your Credit Savvy account with your social media account!

At Credit Savvy we want to make getting your credit score as easy as possible so we’ve added the ability for you to use your Facebook or Google account to sign up and log in.



As a new visitor to Credit Savvy you can just select your preferred social platform from the homepage and provided you are already signed in to it, hit that confirm button and you’ll skip straight to ID verification (we do still need to confirm you are you!). Then less than 90 seconds later you’ll have your credit score!


Create social login



If you’re an existing member and want to streamline your log in process then you can! Just select your social platform of choice and we’ll check your details (make sure the email addresses linked to your Credit Savvy account and social account are the same). Once we’ve found you, hit the ‘Yes’ button to link your accounts and you’re good to go! No more pesky password to remember.


Existing social login