Last updated: 13 May 2019

The days of popping into a branch to do your banking are long gone. Now we’re able to pay our bills online and manage our finances from the comfort of our own homes while we catch up on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. But how can we keep our personal information safe?

The Credit Savvy team have put together a list of tips to help you stay safe while using mobile banking.


1. Set a passcode – make sure you secure your mobile device with a passcode or PIN.


2. Set up Find My Phone or another phone-finding app – if you’ve ever felt the terror of losing your phone, you’ll know how important it is to set up a phone-finding app to help you figure out where you left your phone or to lock or wipe it remotely.


3. Only use official apps and keep them updated – make sure you only download and use apps supplied by your financial provider from the official app store. It’s also a good idea to install the latest updates as soon as possible for maximum security.


4. Use facial recognition or fingerprint ID to log in – facial recognition or fingerprint ID can allow you to log in to your apps without having to remember five different passwords or PINs.


5. Set up two-factor authentication – if your app allows for it, set up two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security.


6. Stay clear of public and unsecured Wi-Fi networks – always use a secure and private Wi-Fi network to conduct your banking!


7. Don’t forget to log out – always log out of your app after you have finished with your tasks.


8. Beware of phishing emails – received an email that looks suspicious? If it looks like a hoax email, it probably is! Don’t click on links from emails you don’t trust, especially if the link is directing you to log in to your account.


9. Check your bank statements – keep a close eye on transactions and report anything you don’t recognise to your bank immediately.


10. Monitor your credit score – sudden and unexpected changes to your credit score could indicate that your identity has been stolen. Check and monitor your credit score for free at Credit Savvy!


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