Last updated: 25 June 2019

If your tax planning usually consists of last-minute rummaging through receipts and files, it might be time to think ahead.

Whether you like it or not, mostly everyone must deal with tax time once a year and it can be a huge burden. Some deductions require more forward planning, particularly as the EOFY falls on a Sunday this year, 30 June 2019, and you’ll have until 31 October to lodge your return.

We have compiled a few Savvy tips to help you better prepare for financial year end.


Remind and Remind Yourself Again

First, put a reminder in your calendar a few weeks ahead of the tax return due date, 31 October.


Essential Tax Tips

Want to get ahead with your tax return? Read our articles on Tax tips you should read before this EOFY and Top 5 forgotten tax deductions to ensure you cover all areas required for your lodgement.


Keep up to date with tax changes

There may be key tax changes and new measures to be aware of when completing your returns. These might include changes for individuals or small businesses which can be located on the ATO’s website.


Tax agents

Not in the headspace to do your tax return yourself? You can choose to lodge your tax return with a tax agent instead. MoneySmart has a useful guide to help you choose a registered tax agent.

If you’re using a tax agent for the first time, or using a different tax agent, you need to contact them before 31 October to take advantage of their lodgement program due dates.


Tax Help Program for eligible individuals

Unsure if you are completing your tax return correctly? Don’t worry, you may be eligible for the Tax Help Program, which is essentially a network of ATO-trained and accredited community volunteers who provide free and confidential service to help eligible individuals to complete their tax returns online using myTax.


We can all agree that tax returns are tedious and infamously time-consuming, however, it provides a good opportunity to revisit your savings, budgeting and investing plans to help you prepare for the new financial year.


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Don’t forget, you can read all the latest tax information on the ATO website.