The hidden perks of your credit card

The hidden perks of your credit card

Last updated: 11 October 2016

We all hear about the main benefits and features of our credit cards like the: low interest ratesno or low annual feefrequent flyer and rewards points etc, but have you ever delved a little deeper into the fine print to see what other perks your credit card offers? You could be missing out or paying extra for something you technically already have!

Here are 5 common (and useful) credit card perks that make it worth reading your T&Cs again:



All the large credit card network providers (Amex, Mastercard and VISA) have excellent entertainment partnerships that allow cardholders access to exclusive ticket pre-sales, offers, competitions and invitation only events. Some lenders go even further and have their own additional exclusive offers on top of these.

So if you’re someone who enjoys going out and about or never want to miss out on those upcoming concert tickets make sure you subscribe to your card providers emails or check their websites for offers in your area.



A lot of credit cards these days come with a range of complimentary insurance coverage attached, so next time you go to buy travel insurance for your next overseas trip, or drop your phone and crack your screen – take a minute to check that you’re not already covered! We’ve noted just a few of the common insurance offers below, and be sure to make sure you check the specific conditions and eligibility so you know what you are and aren’t covered for:

  • overseas travel and medical insurance
  • extended warranty and accidental damage insurance
  • shopper’s protection insurance / best price guarantee scheme
  • smartphone screen protection insurance
  • interstate flight inconvenience insurance
  • transit/transport accident insurance


Again, all the main network providers offer partnerships with preferred hotels, restaurants, and car rental companies which allows you perks like; best available rate guarantees, upgrades and VIP status, discounts, complimentary meals and Wi-Fi, early check-in, late check-out, and rental excess cover, definitely worth checking out the next time you travel.



Don’t have a personal assistant to do your bidding? Join the club, but maybe you do and you just don’t know it! Lots of the premium credit cards come with a complimentary 24/7 concierge service. That means that you can call a number when home or overseas and the concierge can help you make hotel or dinner reservations, purchase concert tickets, provide gift and travel suggestions, book golf or spa days, arrange flower deliveries, even book you in for a session with a personal trainer.



Most credit cards these days come with zero liability, which is credit talk for fraud protection. With zero liability, you are not held responsible for unauthorised or fraudulent purchases made with your credit card. This is just one of the potential benefits of using a credit card over other payment methods such as a debit card.

If you ever spot a transaction on your credit card statement that you didn’t make or have no knowledge of, contact your credit provider right away so they can investigate the charge. For more information please refer to your credit card terms and conditions or get in touch with your credit provider.


Interested in finding a credit card with some of these extra perks? Check out our comparison service for the latest offers – remember to read the fine print!

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