Survival guide over this school holiday

Last updated: 11 April 2018

To the parents out there, if you are still recovering from Easter or even Christmas, and your wallet is looking pretty sad and bare – fear not. We have the ultimate survival guide over this upcoming school holidays that will help keep your bank account intact while still letting your little ones have plenty of fun, plus some financial literacy tips to get your kids on the budgeting wagon as early as possible!


Self-contained Homecation activities

School holidays can get expensive if all activities are related to a swiping motion of your credit card. For the parents that are working from home during this period or the multi-jugglers, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained.


# Count the stars and camp in the backyard

Get back to basics with the whole family and grab some sleeping bags and that barley-supported tent that has been in the storage for the last couple of years. While you’re at it, you might as well get some hot chocolate and marshmallows to sweeten up the night under the stars.


# Play who’s the MasterChef and get creative with recipes

Let your kids decide what’s for dessert and cook up a storm in the kitchen. But first, remember to set some ground rules beforehand that it cannot be a Croquembouche Tower by Adriano Zumbo or else you are doomed…


# Pull out the dusty board games and have a blast

Have a family #gamenight and say yes to Monopoly! I mean teaching your kids about money management whilst having fun, isn’t that a win-win?


Experience and inspire the little minds without blowing the budget

Often we feel we need to travel a distance to make a day of it, or spending way too much to get educational knowledge for our kids, but you may not need to. There are plenty of affordable and exciting activities that can keep your young ones entertained while learning too!


# Spark their imaginations

Art galleries and museums are not just for adults, bring the kids and get them excited about art, culture and science. Or make the most of the trip by signing up for the school holiday programs or interactive exhibitions they offer, which are sometimes free or cost a small fee.


# The great Aussie pastime

The local beach of course! What other way to spend the school holidays and the remaining warmer autumn days when the beaches in Australia are so accessible.

Not only will your kids have a blast building sand castles and tasting the freshness of the salty waters, but another added bonus for you is that they will be so exhausted they will be out like a light before dinner.


# What are zoos when we have national parks

Zoos are way overrated and overcrowded when it comes to school holidays, why not take the kids to explore what nature has to offer at some of the most voted national parks in Australia or even the beautiful reserves close to our backyards.


Get your kids crunching on numbers for school holiday budget

Lastly, before you start planning the school holidays, get your kids involved in the budgeting process to work out how much the activities they desire will cost. Work together by setting a weekly spending limit and ask your kids to think of activities that are priced within that limit.



You don’t have to fork out a fortune to keep your kids entertained over the school holidays, the most creative ideas are little to no cost and they are usually the ones your kids will remember for years to come.