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If you’ve recently taken out a mortgage, gotten married or started a family, you might be wondering whether you have enough life insurance coverage.


How much cover you need generally depends on your specific requirements, the stage of life you’re in, and which insurance product you’re considering purchasing:

  • Life insurance: Pays a lump sum benefit if you pass away or get diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live.
  • TPD cover: Provides a once-off lump sum when you become totally and permanently disabled as per the insurer’s policy definition, because of an accident or illness.
  • Trauma insurance: A lump sum benefit is paid out when you’re diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in your policy.
  • Income protection: Pays a monthly benefit of up to 75% of your regular income if you can’t work for a period due to sickness or injury.


Whatever your requirements, you should feel comfortable and confident with your purchasing decision, so it’s important to shop around, request quotes and compare benefits and prices.


Life Insurance Direct offers a stress-free, no hassle life insurance comparison service, where you can compare some of Australia’s leading insurance companies side-by-side in less than a minute.


3 quick steps to comparing coverage, premiums and features

  1. Select your level of cover, age, gender and state.
  2. Personalise your cover by choosing your premium type, discount option and more.
  3. Compare premiums and features from up to 10 life insurance companies.

When you compare policies with Life Insurance Direct Australia, you’ll receive a comparison report completely free. Use this report to make sure the policy you want matches your requirements and budget.


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