Celebrating Father's Day on a budget

Celebrating Father’s Day on a budget

Last updated: 28 August 2018

It’s the first week in September again! Where has this year gone? It means the days are getting longer but also that it’s Father’s Day!

Looking for some ideas to celebrate your dad but don’t want to break the bank? Read on.


Make your own card – free!

What do you mean you’re not 5 anymore? Even if your well past Kindy, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn a piece of A4 paper into homemade artwork gold!


Take a walk – free!

It can be the simple things. And a walk around his favourite place in the fresh air is just that. Hopefully, the weather plays along.


Indulge him with his favourite hobby – free!

You know that thing that your dad loves and everyone goes out of their way to leave him to it? Footie, fishing, surfing, topiary… Whatever it is, talk to him about it, ask about it, watch a game or some YouTube clips together and let him go on for a bit. He’ll love it.


Get him a reusable coffee cup – $14

We know plastic pollution and waste is out of control and if he hasn’t already then get him a reusable coffee cup for a gift that will keep giving, probably every day!


Get a t-shirt with your face on it – $25

To the internet! Now search for one of those companies that will print whatever you want on a t-shirt. Upload a picture of you (what else could he possibly want). Pay your money. Bingo! He’ll wear it with pride.


A donation – $ you choose

Are there any charities or causes your dad cares about? Well, make a donation on his behalf. He’ll feel good, you’ll feel good, the recipients will be grateful. Triple win!


Our dads are a wealth of knowledge. Ask him if he knows about credit scores. If he doesn’t, then you know where to point him!