A new Credit Savvy look

A new Credit Savvy look

Last updated: 06 October 2020

We’ve got some exciting news to share today – Credit Savvy has a fresh new look!

As part of the ongoing evolution of Credit Savvy, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new logo, redesign of our website, and exciting new site features.


How we evolved

We created Credit Savvy back in 2015, to help Australians navigate the confusing credit landscape. Our free online credit reputation service provides Australians with free and ongoing access to their credit score. Over the years, we have expanded beyond that, providing more than just a score.

As your needs have grown, our service and products have evolved right along with you. Today, we help almost a million Australians like you access, understand, leverage, and protect their credit reputation – all under one platform.


What’s changed?


We’ve refreshed our brand

Say hello to the new Credit Savvy logo! With an updated look, we think you’ll like our new logo as much as we do!


Credit Savvy


We’ve redesigned our website

We’ve changed the look and feel of our website and made updates to make it easier for you to find the information you need.


We’ve added new features

To help you understand your credit score and overall financial wellbeing better, we’re thrilled to share with you two new features that we think you’ll find very useful. Here are some feature highlights:


Credit Score Factors

A credit insights tool to help you understand the ‘Factors’ that could be influencing your credit score. Through this tool, you’ll receive useful educational and supportive information to help you understand your score better.


Learn about Credit Score Factors


Financial Wellbeing

A survey tool to help you measure your perception of money and attitude towards handling your finances. By completing the survey, you’ll get a financial wellbeing score between 0 and 100, so you can understand how you’re doing and learn how to improve the way you manage your finances.


Learn about Financial Wellbeing


Aside from the above updates, you can still find everything you know and love about Credit Savvy.


We are the same Savvy Team

That’s right, we are the still the same people behind Credit Savvy – just with a bit of a facelift (Credit Savvy that is, not us!).

We will continue to deliver our credit score monitoring service to you, but it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got other exciting updates in the works and will be able to share these with you soon.

As always, the Credit Savvy Team is here to help. If you would like to learn more about these changes and updates, send us a message through our web form and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.