9 ways to avoid a wedding budget blowout

9 ways to avoid a wedding budget blowout

Last updated: 08 November 2019

For many Australian couples, one of the biggest days of their life is also one of their most expensive. Weddings in Australia can cost an arm and a leg, that’s why the Credit Savvy team have created a checklist of things to consider when planning your wedding and also a few tips that might help you reduce your wedding costs. The list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully gets you off to a good start!



✓   Food and drinks
✓   Venue hire, lighting and entertainment
✓   Photography
✓   Clothing, rings and accessories (including bridal party)
✓   Hair, nails and make-up
✓   Flowers and decorations
✓   Wedding cake and set-up
✓   Invitations, postage and stationary
✓   Car hire, transportation for guests and accommodation
✓   Marriage certificate and celebrant
✓   Dance lessons, rehearsals, wedding coordinator
✓   Post-wedding costs – the honeymoon!




1. Decide on your priorities

Make sure you talk to your partner and any family members who are chipping in about the budget. Work out with your fiancé what aspects of the wedding are most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly.


2. Shop around

Get multiple quotes and don’t be afraid to negotiate with suppliers. Sometimes it can be a good idea not to mention that the quote is for a wedding – you might avoid unnecessarily inflated prices.


3. Pick a different day or season

Saturday evening is often the most coveted (and expensive) time for a wedding, so if possible, consider another day where you might be able to get a reduced rate2. Likewise, winter weddings can prove cheaper when it comes to venue hire – check with your reception or wedding venue if they offer winter wedding packages.


4. Cut the cost of the cake

A three-tier wedding cake can cost in excess of $7503, so this is one aspect of a wedding where you can make some savvy decisions. Calling in a favour from a talented family member or friend could save you hundreds of dollars. Alternatively, ordering a one or two-tiered cake and supplementing it with another cake can also reduce costs.


5. Use your contacts

As with the cake, consider your friends, family and wider network when it comes to saving on wedding costs. Even if there isn’t a photographer, make-up artist or florist in your direct circle of friends, your work colleague might know someone who fits the bill (and might give you mates’ rates for it).


6. Narrow down that guest list

Whether its food, drinks, venue hire or table decorations, the more people you need to cater for, the more it usually costs. As tempting as it is to invite everyone you’ve ever met and their partners, to save money you may need to make some tough choices.


7. Choose one location

If you book one location for your ceremony and reception, you’ll avoid extra transport and venue hire costs.


8. Consider a cocktail style wedding

It comes down to that list of priorities you’ve made, but one sure-fire way to reduce the budget is to skip the mains, and stick to canapes and your favourite drinks.


9. If you’re considering a loan, do your homework

According to a MoneySmart survey, 60% of Australians took out a loan to help pay for the cost of their wedding4. If you’re considering a loan, make sure you do your research first and only apply for a loan that meet your requirements. Then you can enjoy your wedding and start your married life off on the right foot with no extra stress.


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