5 tips to help you get debt free this year

5 tips to help you get debt free this year

Last updated: 18 April 2018

Is getting on top of your debt one of your New Year’s resolutions? Now that we’re well and truly into the year, how’s that going so far? If you need a little help taking control of your finances, check out these 5 tips that the Credit Savvy team have compiled below!


1. Create a budget

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s worth repeating. Create a budget and stick to it! Make sure you know your income, expenses, and the amount of debt you need to repay. Then you can figure out how much you can realistically afford to pay towards your debt each month.


2. Consider consolidating your debts

If you’ve got multiple credit cards and personal loans outstanding, it can get quite complicated tracking all your debts and their respective payments. Consider consolidating your debts into one. You may like to consider a balance transfer offer on a credit card or a debt consolidation personal loan.

Remember, any application for credit can result in an enquiry on your credit report. So, as we always say, only apply for credit if and when you really need it.


3. Use an online comparison tool to get a better deal

If you’ve decided that debt consolidation is the way to go. Make sure you’re getting a better deal by using an online comparison service to compare the offers in the market.

On the Credit Savvy website, you can compare balance transfer credit cards and debt consolidation personal loans from a range of different lenders. Don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions before applying so you’re not caught out by the fine print.


4. Set up direct debits

Comprehensive credit reporting information is now being reported on your credit file, so any late or missed payments to licenced credit providers from the last 2 years can now be recorded on your credit file and can impact your credit score. Set up direct debits so that your payments are made automatically!


5. Pay more than the minimum

If you’re really serious about paying off your debts, consider paying more than the minimum amount each month. Credit card minimum repayments are around the 2% range and it could take you years to pay off the balance. Where possible, pay more than the minimum! If you’re paying off a personal loan, just double check that there are no fees or penalties for making extra repayments or paying off your loan early.


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