5 things to stop doing in 2016

5 things to STOP doing in 2018

Last updated: 01 January 2018

2017 is so last year. But maybe we can find a few things to leave behind with 2017 so that we can make 2018 the year we want it to be.

Start with your finances and you might find a whole heap of other things become possible!

So here we go:

1. Stop giving up

First up, resolutions. You’ve probably started previous years with a few of these but perhaps not quite seen them through.

New Year resolutions are notorious for being hard to keep and life does have a way of happening whilst you make other plans. Why not make this a year to hit those goals? It takes a bit of time and perseverance but keep at it!

2. Stop burying your head in the sand

Ostriches don’t make the best role models (even if their famous head-in-sand activities are not true). You do need to make sure you know what is going on with your finances.

Create a budget to see where and when your money comes in and how, when and where it goes out. Once you know then you can look for areas of improvement whether it is more money in or less money out. It is important to keep track of it too, that way you can spot any problems early.

Keep an eye on your credit file too. Unexpected activity here such as enquiries in your name that you know nothing about can be an early indicator of identity theft.

3. Stop accepting the status quo – you can do better!

When was the last time you went through your financial products and checked whether you are getting the best deal, even from your current provider?

Check your own account information and do your research on what else might be out there. Then armed with this information challenge your lender to give you a better deal. If they won’t then maybe someone else will. Remember to thoroughly read and understand product information before making any commitments. If you’re not sure then you can always get some professional financial advice from a reputable advisor.

Our comparison service can be a good place to start comparing.

4. Stop making the same mistakes

Be honest. What have you done in the past that you might want to avoid in the future?

On a topical note, if you incurred a bit of a Christmas spending hangover think about what you could do to avoid the same thing happening again. You could come up with a plan to spend less or you could save up in advance, or do both!

Identify a few things you’d rather not repeat over and make your plans.

5. Stop having any fun

OK maybe not this one. One of the keys to effective plans, budgets and other things is that they should be realistic. If they’re not then you really don’t stand a chance of achieving them in the first place. If you can you should always factor in a bit of fun!