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5 energy saving tips to keep you cool this summer

Last updated: 17 December 2019


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For large parts of Australia, summer can be the most energy intensive time of year.  Long sunny days and warm nights can cause energy bills to peak as we try to beat the heat during the day and remain cool to get a good night’s sleep.  With a bit of forethought, the impact of summer on your energy bills can be reduced. Here are 5 tips to help you stay cool this summer!


Use windows and blinds to your advantage

Instead of relying on air conditioning to do all the work, make the most of the breeze by opening your windows at night to let the cooler outside air in.

Before you go to bed, shut the windows to keep the cool air in, and shut the blinds to stop the morning sunlight from beaming directly inside which can quickly warm the room. This will help you keep the temperature inside your home down for longer, so you spend less time running your air conditioning.


Use your air conditioner timer

Instead of running your air conditioner all night, use the timer to turn it off after you have fallen asleep and your home’s temperature has dropped.  You could drastically reduce the amount of time that you cool your bedroom each night, thus reducing your energy use.


Clean your air conditioner

Much like a car, air conditioners can become less effective over time if they are not maintained properly.  While some modern units come with self-cleaning functions, these probably don’t work as well as a manual clean.  Search online for how to clean the model you own or consider if it is worth getting a professional to do the job for you.  A cleaner, more efficient air conditioner could allow you to lower your energy use.


Use fans when possible

Fans are cheaper to run than air conditioning, and portable models can be moved to the specific rooms that people are using. Cooling down specific rooms rather than the entire house could help you reduce your costs in the long run.


Turn off electrical appliances and lights

Did you know that electronics such as computers and televisions give off heat? Turn them off completely when not in use!


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This article is sponsored by Econnex.