2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Your Penny Savings Guide

Last updated: 16 April 2019


With Easter around the corner, one cannot forget about the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show. It is a great 12 days of fun rides, cute farm animals and entertainment, with gates opening from 12 – 23 April 2019.

If the Show is on your list to visit this year, there’s no reason you should overpay to take part in this tradition. You can show your Easter spirit and enjoy the day at the Show, with the help of our money-saving tips below.

Public transport to save the parking hassle

# Public transport to save the parking hassle

Parking at the Show is essentially money down the drain, except perhaps if you’ve got very young children or other accessibility requirements.

ShowLink tickets are offered online which includes an entry pass and return public transport on any day of the Show. If you ask us, this ticket type is definitely worth considering.

We've got the 411 on how to save on tickets

# We’ve got the 411 on how to save on tickets

How can I score discounted tickets to the Show? Don’t worry, we have it down pat.

Please note: Prices listed below are based on adult ticket fares and do not include any ticket handling fees.

  • Purchase your tickets online for $39 during the Show period (12 – 23 April 2019). This is usually the cheaper option compared to buying your tickets at the gate ($43).
  • Avoid the crowd – Go after 4pm to get the Twilight tickets for $31 and enjoy 5 hours of Show experience.
  • Save 50% on Seniors and Kids Day – NSW Seniors Card holders will pay $16.50 on Seniors’ Day, 17 April, while kids can get in on Kids’ Day, 23 April, for just $13.50.

Get discounted Carnival Coupons online

# Get discounted Carnival Coupons online

Pre-purchase discount Carnival Coupons online and save over 20% on 110 Carnival Coupons. There are also discounts available for the 50 and 75 Carnival Coupons.


# Plan your day around free entertainment

You can find free programs and performances, so make sure you get your ticket’s worth.


# Don’t let the kids run wild with every showbag they fancy

Research beforehand which showbags are worth the dollar. Showbags can range from $2 – $40 and can quickly put a hole in your wallet if you have kids and they won’t stop pestering you about it.

To make the decision process easier, the Show have listed all the showbags online for every age, taste and budget.


# Bring water and eat before you go as the $ can stack up

Try and eat before you head to the Show as the participating food stands can be more expensive than your normal meal out. Of course, you will be tempted with the curly fries, cheesy nachos and sliders, but do remember that this is another major event where prices are inflated for any type of food and beverage.





# Plan ahead

It is always good to be prepared, do your research in advance to score cheaper deals at the Show!

Remember to pre-purchase your tickets online for a lower price.


# Set a budget

Work out how much you potentially would spend at the event, and consider only bringing cash so you won’t go overboard with the extra rides or unnecessary showbags.


So, there you have it: your plan for a cheap as chips Sydney Royal Easter Show trip!


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Bathurst, 3–5 May 2019: http://www.bathurstshow.com.au/

Alice Springs, 5-6 July 2019: http://www.alice-springs.com.au/

Brisbane, 9–18 August 2019: https://www.ekka.com.au/

Adelaide, 30 August–8 September 2019: http://theshow.com.au/

Melbourne, 21 September–1 October 2019: https://royalshow.com.au/

Perth, 28 September – 5 October 2019: https://www.perthroyalshow.com.au/

Geelong, 17–20 October 2019: https://royalgeelongshow.org.au/

Hobart, 23-26 October 2019: http://www.hobartshowground.com.au/