Credit report card

Credit Report Card

More than a credit score

Our Credit Report Card is the detail behind the score, summarising five important elements of your Experian credit file so you can see how you're going and what you might want to focus on.

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Did you know that when you apply for credit it can show up on your credit report? The regularity and recentness of enquiries can have an impact on your score as well as what you apply for. Know what is on your file and apply for credit wisely.

Active defaults

Defaults are recorded on credit files for non-payment of bills or loans that the credit provider has taken steps to recover. Having these on your file can significantly impact your score.

Serious credit infringements

A serious credit infringement listing is significantly more serious than other types of may include fraud and also circumstances when a credit provider interprets an individual's avoidance as non-payment. It also stays on an individual's credit file and impacts your score for longer.


Bankruptcies are a matter of public record and credit reporting agencies can keep a record of bankruptcy on an individual's credit report for up to seven years. Needless to say, a bankruptcy on your file can have a significant impact on your score.

Court actions

Court writs or default judgments also appear on credit reports for up to five years and can negatively impact your score.

Be sure to check out our Credit Knowledge section on credit scores and credit reports to read more about these elements and how long they can remain on a credit file.