Credit file monitoring

Credit File Monitoring

Your credit file and hence credit score and credit report can change very quickly so it pays to keep on top of things. Credit Savvy provides the tools to easily track and monitor your credit reputation, saving you time and worry.

Free monthly score updates

Credit Savvy provides monthly Experian credit score and credit file updates, for free. This allows you to track your score and your progress from month to month. Some changes such as a new credit enquiry can have an instant effect whereas other things do take time. With monthly score tracking you'll see where you are as well as where your score has been.

Free credit file alerts

If there are any changes to your Experian credit file we can email you to let you know so you can then log in to review, check and assess the impact.

This can also help you stay on top of your progress and guard against anything that shouldn't be on your file. Incorrect information can be caught and disputed giving you peace of mind that an attempt to obtain credit in your name - a common ploy of identity thieves - will show up here.

So sign up today for your free credit score and your free monthly updates and alerts.