Credit Savvy announces new features to help Australians improve their financial lives

Sydney, Australia, 7 October 2020:  Australian fintech, Credit Savvy, announced today the release of two exciting new site features and its refreshed brand, as part of the ongoing evolution of its business.

The online credit reputation service was created in 2015 to help Australians navigate the confusing credit landscape. Over the years, Credit Savvy has continued to evolve to meet its members’ needs. While it still provides Australians with free and ongoing access to their credit score, it has expanded further, providing much more than just a score.

Today, Credit Savvy helps almost a million Australians access, understand, leverage, and protect their credit reputation – all under one platform.

”We’ve always been focused on our members and helping them with their credit reputation and overall financial wellbeing, and we are delighted to be trusted by so many to help them on their journeys. Today, we are launching the next phase in our journey together.” Says Leo Hillary, Managing Director of Credit Savvy.

The latest features, Credit Score Factors and Financial Wellbeing, are part of the release of the company’s rebranding efforts and have come at a time when managing your finances and protecting your credit reputation is now important as ever.


Key highlights on the new site features:

Credit Score Factors [1]

A credit insights tool to help provide its members with more detailed information about the ‘factors’ that could be influencing their credit score and whether those factors could be helping or hurting their score and the opportunities for improvement

Financial Wellbeing [2]

A measurement tool which allows Credit Savvy members to assess their overall financial wellbeing so they can understand how they’re doing and identify next steps in their financial life.


“With Credit Score Factors we are looking to help our members understand why their score, is their score. By understanding the key factors that influence it, you can find the opportunities to improve or maintain it,” explains Leo.

“and whilst we have always come from a credit reputation perspective, we understand that our members’ overall financial wellbeing is of the utmost importance. By adopting the Financial Wellbeing survey and scale developed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the University of Melbourne, we believe this new feature can help all of our members reach their financial goals.”

With these new updates and features, Credit Savvy aims to continue its mission to helping Australians understand credit and achieve greater financial wellbeing with practical tools and educational resources, all for free.


Note to Editor

[1] Find out more on Credit Score Factors

[2] Find out more on Financial Wellbeing


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Designed to help Australians navigate the complex credit landscape, Credit Savvy gives users free and instant access to their credit score and credit file information.

Credit Savvy also provides users with the tools to understand, leverage, and protect their credit reputation, to help them achieve greater financial wellbeing.

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