New information on your file from Credit Corp

New information on your credit file from Credit Corp

Last updated: 11 December 2019

You may have received an alert to let you know that you now have a newly listed negative event with Credit Corp and this data has been added to your credit file.


Credit Corp is a Debt Purchaser who purchase credit accounts from other Credit Providers such as banks, telecommunications companies and other financial institutions and when they purchase an account, the debt becomes payable to them rather than the original provider. If there was a previous listing for this debt with another provider, then reference to that specific credit relationship will have been removed and the new relationship to Credit Corp added.


If you have any specific questions about this newly listed negative event, please get in contact with Credit Corp.


As always, if you believe there are incorrect or inaccurate listings on your Credit Report Summary, you should first contact the organisation that provided the incorrect detail and ask them to update it with the CRB.


If they cannot resolve the issue, you can also contact Experian (our partner CRB) for their corrections process.