Last updated: 04 October 2018


By now you may have heard about comprehensive credit reporting (CCR), but if you’ve completely missed the memo, you can read the latest news and tips about CCR here.

Today we’ll look at life with CCR versus life without CCR and how this additional information can affect your next credit application.


Floyd’s case study

Meet Floyd. Floyd is looking to make some renovations to his home and is in the market for a personal loan.


Life without CCR

Floyd has a $500 default on his credit file that was repaid 18 months ago. Floyd has made no credit enquiries in the last 5 years, he’s not bankrupt and doesn’t have any other negative events on his credit file. If Floyd were to apply for a personal loan, traditionally a potential lender might reject his application because of the default. However,…


Life with CCR

With CCR data on his file, a potential lender could see that Floyd has one active credit card with a low $1,000 limit and one active mortgage. Floyd makes the repayments on both accounts consistently each month and has not missed a repayment in the last two years. With the addition of CCR, Floyd may be able to convince a potential lender that he is a good candidate for a loan and may not get a straight decline from the lender.


Amy’s case study

Meet Amy. Amy is looking to take advantage of a bonus rewards point offer on a new credit card.


Life without CCR

Amy has no enquiries on her credit file, she’s not bankrupt and doesn’t have any other negative events on her file. If Amy were to apply for the credit card, traditionally a potential credit card provider would likely approve her application because there are no black marks on her credit file. However…


Life with CCR

With CCR data on her file, a potential credit card provider could see that Amy has one active credit card and one active personal loan. Amy is in a bit of financial trouble because she recently lost her job and is 3 months behind on her credit card repayments and 2 months behind on her personal loan repayments. With the addition of CCR, Amy could well be declined for the new credit card because of her inconsistent repayment history.


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